Pooja Trays


In India there are many festivals and traditions. Pooja is an essential part of the rituals. We provide aesthetic Pooja thalis and trays.

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Handmade fancy envelops


We make and decorate envelops from variety of expensive raw materials to give it an elegant look.

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Baby Shower and Birth Announcements


To choose from the cuddly collection of Baby shower and Birth announcement gifts for the expectant new arrival… when you may not yet know the gender of the expectant new born baby with gifts for the mum-to-be as well…We have hampers with sparkle to wet the baby’s head, chocolates for Dad, pampering gifts for the new Mum and lots of lovely gifts for the new bouncing baby.

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Gift Baskets and Hampers


We have gorgeous gift baskets and Luxury gift hampers with variety of stylish and innovative gift ideas for every occasion in your life… just the thing when you want to congratulate, thank, reward, inspire, entice or impress your loved ones!

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Decorative Sweet, Chocolates & Dry fruit Box


Be it any occasion but sweets, chocolates and dry fruits always add flavors in that. Our best selling and fabulous collection of Decorative sweet, chocolate and dry fruit boxes will always warmly received by all ages in your family and friends. We have a special assortment for corporate gifting too.

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Aana and Chhab Decoration


When a daughter leaves her parents’ home, they give her lots of memories and love in the way of gifts is called ‘Aana’ and when the groom’s family welcome newly wedded bride to their family they express warmth of relationship through gifts is called ‘Chhab’. We have beautiful designs to decorate Aana and Chhab.

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Ornament Display Tray


In our tradition we have many occasions like wedding, engagement, reception where we present our dear ones with the precious jewelry and ornaments. So here, we have wide range of attractive concept trays to display your precious gifts. We welcome your ideas for the customized creation of trays as per your requirement.

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Ring Ceremony Platter and Tray


Engagement signifies the beautiful start of the upcoming companionship, full of love and life. Nothing can match the new couple’s enthusiasm for the ceremony. We have taken a step to make the ceremony even more special. We provide exclusive collection of ring ceremony platters and trays.

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Wedding Trousseau


A wedding is a special occasion of everyone’s life and a new beginning too and it is made memorable with that perfect marriage ceremony. We know you are looking for the perfect wedding products and gifts for the happy couple. We have wide range of theme based platter, baskets and hamper for Chhab and Aana which are designed uniquely with the perfect blend of emotions and innovations.

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